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  • About Our Team

    “Even after all these years MCFS is the happiest place I have ever worked and I intend to keep working here until I retire.”

    “When I met the team at MCFS I felt like I had come home. Everyone is so kind, caring, and helpful like a big family.”

    Who We Are

    Mill Creek Family Services is an established, progressive psychotherapy group practice in Mill Creek and Everett, Washington. Since 2010, we have offered healing and hope and possibilities for adults, youth, couples and families. Our counseling and therapeutic services honor the value, strengths and resources of all we serve.

    “Thank you all for all of the amazing work that you do to support myself, our clients, and the community. I truly, truly love being a part of this incredible team!”

    “MCFS allows me to see the kind of clients I want to see, set my own schedule, and have the freedom to have a healthy work/life balance bringing joy instead of burnout.”

    Our MCFS Commitment

     MCFS is committed to creating and fostering an excellent work environment and experience for our employees that celebrates the value, strengths and resources of each of our MCFS team members.

    Simply, MCFS is a place where we do what we love, at a place we love, with people we love to work with.

    Mill Creek Family Services helps therapists focus on therapy by taking care of the business side of a clinical practice. MCFS provides referrals, marketing, full billing and scheduling services, administrative assistants, beautifully furnished office suites and a fun and cohesive team of counselors. This opportunity is ideal for the highly skilled therapist who would like to work in a thriving group practice setting, while enjoying a full-spectrum pay, benefit and professional development package.

    “MCFS literally takes care of everything so I don’t have to worry about it and allows me to simply show up in person or virtually and do what I love doing which has always been psychotherapy.”

    “The Scheduling Team has been an incredible support in matching me with not only the right amount of clients, but also with clients who are a great clinical match! I am very grateful for them!”

    Our Hybrid Therapeutic Model

    MCFS is committed to the health and autonomy of our providers, administrative staff, and clients.

    Because of that, our counselors are currently providing in-person therapy, video counseling — or a blend of both. This has proven to be convenient, effective and safe. This hybrid model is well-suited to each or our therapists’ unique needs, life circumstance and choices.

    “This has been a tremendously difficult year, most certainly for mental health providers, and in gratitude I can say that I have not felt alone in my work as a therapist because I was a part of the MCFS family.”