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  • Compensation & Benefits – Therapists

    *NEW! — MCFS Helps our Therapists Pay Down Their Student Loans in 2022!

    “Joining MCFS was an absolute game changer financially helping me make more money at the end of the day than I ever had in private practice.”

    At Mill Creek Family Services we actively reflect and promote comprehensive employee pay and benefits — supporting our therapists’ financial stability and security, future savings, professional development and training, healthcare, self-care, personal well-being, and family time.

    Our Comprehensive Pay & Benefits Package for Licensed Therapists include:

    • Medical, dental, and vision benefits for full time staff (20+ client hours per week
    • Paid sick leave
    • Paid holidays
    • NEW! Paid Student Loans
    • Paid Family and Medical Leave
    • MCFS matching funds contribution to your retirement savings plan
    • Reimbursement funds for professional development training Unlimited online C.E.U. package
    • Paid Professional Liability Insurance coverage
    • Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Annual longevity bonuses and spa treatments
    • All employment taxes processed by MCFS
    • Workers Comp & State Unemployment insurance provided
    • Monthly automatic bank deposits based on all sessions provided during the previous month–(no need to wait for protracted insurance reimbursement)
    • Freedom to choose desired amount of time-off
    • Full-service insurance professional credentialing provided
    • Full-service insurance billing department provided
    • Full-time scheduling department coordinates all Intake appointments
    • Dedicated clinical support and group consultations
    • Thriving and connected professional team with year-round social events and professional growth opportunities

    MCFS fosters security, safety, and support for our therapist employees — while also promoting their freedom and autonomy. THAT is our commitment.

    “Amongst so many other things, making a comfortable wage has helped me impact the lives of others near and dear to me…The pay allows therapists to strike a strong work life balance and has personally helped me find a sustainable place to call my professional home.”