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  • Compensation & Benefits

    “Joining MCFS was an absolute game changer financially helping me make more money at the end of the day than I ever had in private practice.”

    Long-Term Financial Well Being

    At Mill Creek Family Services we actively promote a comprehensive employee pay and benefits experience. Our robust compensation supports our therapists’ long-term financial stability and well-being. 

    Best In Class

    MCFS offers a unique blend of best-in-class benefits designed to support our providers. We intentionally invest in our providers’ security, future savings, professional development and training, healthcare, self-care, personal well-being, and family time.


    Our MCFS pay and benefits are a progressive extension of our MCFS values. They reflect an intentional contribution to our vibrant culture — where our team members know they truly matter.

    “I have never felt MORE supported in my entire working career than I have here at MCFS. I feel very lucky…I can safely say that MCFS has been the best, most hospitable, and non-stressful work environment I’ve been in.”

    Comprehensive Pay & Benefits Package 

    -Licensed and Associate Therapists

    • Medical, dental, and vision benefits for full time staff (20+ client hours per week
    • Paid sick leave
    • Paid holidays
    • Paid Family and Medical Leave
    • MCFS matching funds contribution to your retirement savings plan
    • Featured Benefit for 2023 — MCFS Pays Down Student Loans!
    • Reimbursement funds for professional development training Unlimited online C.E.U. package
    • Paid Professional Liability Insurance coverage
    • Flexible Spending Accounts
    • Annual longevity bonuses and spa treatments
    • All employment taxes processed by MCFS
    • Workers Comp & State Unemployment insurance provided
    • Monthly automatic bank deposits based on all sessions provided during the previous month–(no need to wait for protracted insurance reimbursement)
    • Freedom to choose desired amount of time-off every year
    • Full-service insurance professional credentialing provided
    • Full-service insurance billing department provided
    • Full-time scheduling department coordinates all Intake appointments
    • Dedicated clinical support and group consultations
    • Thriving and connected professional team with year-round social events and professional growth opportunities

    MCFS fosters securitysafety, and support for our therapist employees — while also promoting their freedom and autonomy. THAT is our commitment. 

    “Amongst so many other things, making a comfortable wage has helped me impact the lives of others near and dear to me…The pay allows therapists to strike a strong work life balance and has personally helped me find a sustainable place to call my professional home.”