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  • Individual Therapy

    Are you stressed about your life or relationships?

    It’s normal to go through ups and downs in life. We all have them.

    But, when you’re feeling stressed, depressed and overwhelmed more often than not, something has got to change.

    You don’t have to go through this on your own.

    At Mill Creek Family Services, we work with you to create a practical plan to get you feeling better. Our providers help you find direction, relief, and peace. We won’t judge, or simply remain silent and nod. Instead, our therapists will listen, understand, and help you plan real-life solutions.

    Our providers offer support and practical feedback to help you effectively address life’s challenges. We develop a plan with you designed for your healing and growth.

    Our therapists bring expertise aimed at resolving a wide range of life’s emotional and relational difficulties. In a very comfortable, accepting and supportive atmosphere, our professional counselors provide the assistance needed to get beyond the obstacles you currently face, some of which include:

    • Overcoming Depression and Anxiety
    • Managing Anger Effectively                    
    • Resolving Relational Issues
    • Addressing Family Life Concerns 
    • Getting Through Grief and Loss
    • Healing Trauma
    • Understanding and Addressing Attachment Issues
    • Overcoming Addictions
    • Addressing Work and Career issues
    • Managing Stress, Panic & Social Anxiety
    • Resolving Personal and Relational Conflicts
    • Addressing issues for all sexual orientations
    • Facilitating Personal and Spiritual Growth  

    Give us a call to hear about these and other specialties offered by our team of providers. 

    Begin your healing.

    Reignite your hope.

    Enliven new possibilities.

    We are here to help you to create and enjoy the life and relationships you desire!