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  • Is This You?

    Do you love helping people? Do your clients feel a deep sense of safety, trust and confidence in you and the help you provide them?

    Do you want to feel authentic belonging and connection with a team of other highly-skilled and fun providers?

    Do you want optimal freedom as a therapist to choose whether you work from the convenience of your home or from a beautifully furnished office setting — or BOTH?

    Do you want to know that you are truly cared about and supported by your organization’s leaders and staff?

    Do you want to learn and grow as a therapist in a community of professionals who are committed to “being the change we want to see in the world”?

    Do you want to work in an organization that’s truly family-friendly; celebrating and supporting new moms and dads, respecting your family time, and encouraging you to put your family first?

    Do you want to be done with the bureaucracy and pressures of community agency work?

    Do you want to avoid the stress, headaches, and financial investment of running a business?

    Do you want to steer clear of mega-national “therapy” corporations driven by shareholder’s profit or measured by word-count of “text support” for clients?

    Do you want to feel confident that you consistently have all the clients you want on your schedule — targeting your ideal number of weekly appointments?

    Do you want an easy EHR system specifically designed to minimize the time and effort needed for clinical notes?

    Do you want to be well-compensated and recognized for the work you do and love — with the security of medical benefits, sick leave, holidays, student loan premium payments, family medical leave, professional development training, professional license fees, retirement funding, and hiring and well-deserved longevity bonuses?

    Do you want help paying down your student loans — decreasing the amount you owe and the time it takes to pay them off?

    Do you want to design the work/life balance that YOU desire?

    If you answered YES to most of these questions, then Mill Creek Family Services may be an excellent choice for you.

    ***We are a local, clinician-founded organization committed to creating the best work experience possible for our cohesive team of therapists.

    The MCFS Experience – from Lucy Banic, MCFS Therapist

    “It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of the Mill Creek Family Services team! 

    The team here is wonderfully supportive, responsive, and encouraging; they are ways available when needed to offer insights and help. Despite working remotely, I have always felt connected and supported by the team and I always feel welcome to reach out when needed. Everyone here works to create a safe space of support.

    As a therapist, I feel like I am treated with dignity and respect and feel valued for the work that I do. I have autonomy and flexibility to create a schedule that fits with my lifestyle and needs and the administration team helps to fit me with clients that are a good clinical match, which means I have a schedule and caseload that really feels right to me!

    This has most definitely been the most supportive and stress-free environment I have worked at and I couldn’t be happier to be here!”