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  • In Their Own Words

    What Our MCFS Therapists are Saying:

    “I have never felt MORE supported in my entire working career than I have here at MCFS. I feel very lucky…I can safely say that MCFS has been the best, most hospitable, and non-stressful work environment I’ve been in.”

    — Thomas Stensland

    “I truly do not have enough words to describe how wonderful the onboarding team has been during my transition to MCFS. They are always so prompt, warm, insightful, and incredibly supportive and I already feel like I’ve learned a lot and grown in my time here…I’m so grateful to be a part of such a talented, compassionate, dedicated team of individuals and as a therapist have always felt supported and connected. I love that I’m able to have a flexible schedule that works for my lifestyle and work with clients who are a good clinical fit. I can honestly say this has been the least stressful and most positive work environment I have been in and I couldn’t feel more lucky to be a part of MCFS.”

    — Lucy Banic

    “When I am asked to describe what a healthy and supportive organizational culture is I use MCFS as an example. Therapists are treated with dignity and respect and are celebrated for their individual skills and strengths. MCFS allows me the freedom and flexibility to practice my way while still providing me with support and structure. In my twelve years of practicing therapy, I have never felt as valued as I have during my four years at MCFS.”

    — Nikki Golden

    “Since working for MCFS, there has always been an amazing amount of support provided by colleagues, administrative staff, and the directors. As the clinic has grown, the directors have been flexible, attentive, supportive, and collaborative with staff’s needs. The culture at MCFS provides a diverse setting for clinicians allowing them to work independently or in community with one another…My experience at MCFS has been the best of both working in private practice and working in a team setting.

    — Meredith Magder

    “MCFS is an exceptional practice for many reasons, both professionally and personally. I appreciate the flexibility to work as much or as little as I wish depending on my personal needs. I greatly enjoy the benefit of several opportunities for consultation and professional support on an ongoing basis. I am consistently impressed with the level of knowledge and experience my colleagues and consultants possess…Despite the challenges the world has faced in COVID isolation, I have never felt alone in my work.”

    — Catherine Buckheit

    “The culture at MCFS is like a professional family who is always there when you need them…Most places put the client first and therapist second which leads to burnout. MCFS puts the therapist first so that the therapist can put the client first which leads to fulfillment…I feel truly supported both professional and personally by the MCFS leadership as they have always had my back when I needed help.”

    — Elijah Bolton

    “Working with MCFS has truly felt like finding a loving and supportive family. I am constantly left feeling seen and heard, my input is honored and valued, and I am supported in every possible way- well beyond what I’ve ever imagined a workplace setting could be like. I have developed close bonds with some amazing people; we share laughs, tears, challenges, and successes. I know, without a doubt, that we are in this together.”

    — Jen Skorch 

    “For me, MCFS has a culture of acceptance and autonomy. The heart of the practice is to be conduits of healing and hope both for clients as well as one another. I am very grateful to work here.”

    — Carol Lemmon Robinson

    “I feel so grateful for being a part of this Mill Creek Family Services family for almost 3 years now. This group has created such a supportive culture, even during these times when we are working from home while navigating our own distress from the pandemic. We have such a strong, talented, and compassionate professional team…Our community of clients know about MCFS’s amazing reputation and it makes a great start to a therapeutic relationship.”

    — Ashley Bemis 

    “My experiences with Mill Creek Family Services have been nothing but positive. I appreciate the flexibility and freedom that clinicians have on their own schedule and caseload. I feel that management genuinely cares and reaches out to ask for feedback to make this a positive and supportive working environment for all of their staff.”

    — Kaitlyn Chamberlain 

    “Working at MCFS has connected me with amazingly talented therapists, supportive staff, and the freedom to create a work/life balance that works for me. They provide various benefits that are easy to access (not typically found in our industry) and were able to maintain a team mentality even through the days of telehealth. I can’t say enough about how great it has been to work with this group!”

    — Jen Muzer

    “One of the things that drew me to work at MCFS was the focus on having a strong and supported team. Having a healthy, positive, and supportive work environment is key for facilitating good client care. From team activities to consults to support with training, MCFS excels at providing support for their staff.”

    — Heidi Pacher 

    “From first reaching out to MCFS…I have felt respected, supported, heard and included throughout the entire process. I love having the freedom to create my own schedule and caseload so I can be there in the best possible way for my clients and my personal life. Working at MCFS has provided me with a strong team to collaborate with while celebrating the diversity of needs, ideas and approaches that make each therapist unique.”

    — Kelly Newhouse 

    “I feel truly valued and appreciated at MCFS. From the very start of the onboarding process I was welcomed and supported. I have had the freedom to create a flexible schedule that fits my availability and create a client caseload that best utilizes my areas of clinical expertise. I feel immensely supported by the availability of team members for clinical support and opportunities for professional development.”

    — Emily Ramos

    When I was welcomed into the MCFS family, I was regarded and valued as an expert which then gave me trust and confidence in myself as a therapist. MCFS have given me structure and support while allowing me flexibility in my schedule and caseload. I have grown professionally since working with MFCS and have learned so much from the expertise of my colleagues.

    — Annelise Sullivan 

    This has truly been one of the most supportive places I’ve worked…MCFS fosters a profoundly positive environment which fully respects a therapist’s autonomy while providing comprehensive administrative support. The team does an amazing job at identifying and bringing out each therapist’s unique strengths, and holding the whole practice to a high standard of excellence.”

    — Deanna Leatherman

    “My time here has allowed me to set my own pace, have a caseload of clients tailored to my preference, all while feeling supported by admin, billing, and my peers. Even amid the COVID19 pandemic the team made me feel welcome from the start, and I could always depend on their reliability and attention to detail…This has been a fantastic experience for me…”

    — Trevor Bidstrup

    “Working for MCFS is the breath of fresh air I had been looking for in my career path as a therapist. In joining this organization, I have found an incredible team of colleagues that I not only turn to for support and consultation, but who I am also privileged to learn from both personally and professionally. The leadership team provides guidance and direction when you need it, but is also trusting and understanding of the need for independence and autonomy in this work. At MCFS I feel respected and appreciated for the work I do, as well as seen for who I am, and I couldn’t think of a better place to provide care to our community.”

    — Angela Loney